Exposition: Codigo Universo

Art is a new Information

According to species preserving qualities, new information is added to the basic level and in this way leads to its new mental description and a new controlling of gene functions. The basic level contains all areas of the consciousness, subconsciousness of the genes and all imaginary fields not limited by matter. It stands for the entire potential of information in an organism.

An visually effective formula, that makes these processes visible to everybody, does not only explain art for the first time, but reforms the symbiosis between art, research and technology as it was existing for centuries ago. In evolution, the rewriting of the basic level, visual information and therefore the fine arts have a preferential function.

We think, dream and produce visions, mind-images. Seen from the basic level we can produce new vision sequences in all sensory areas. The absorption and stabilization of these sequences through art, research and technology is possible also for outsiders.

As soon as the recipient anticipates the species preserving function, are sequences of vision stored on the basic level with all sensory impressions and reactions are stored on the basic level as new information and are therefore available. The now expanded basic level catalyses new processes of thinking and feeling - if required or in training also new visionary sequences - that are matched with species preserving decision making.

This development is made possible on one hand through the oscillating between the basic level and the visionary sequences, on the other hand - apart from the oscillation- it is dependent on the level of knowledge and therefore on the point of view of the observer, who observes and interconnects in a 3-dimensional way all points of view of the time- and consciousness level from top and from inside at the same time. With these to his basic level added information he re-enters his own time.

Through automatic re-description and initiated by the basic level, this leads to new interconnections and viewpoints in consciousness, to parallel activities and energies of creativity, decisions, acting and finally to the possibility to produce an open future.

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"Leben/Bekanntes(Gelb) + Bewusstseinsevolution/Innovation(Rot) = Kunst/Evolution des Lebens"